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  Our Folding Gates Offer Strategic Protection

Folding gates and closures offer you strategic protection where no other piece of security equipment will do.

As our business needs change and advance, so do our security needs. Our folding security closures allow you to strategically block access within an already enclosed location. This gives you granular control over security as well as access to your building.

These folding gates and closures are the perfect choice for larger complexes that need to have a more nuanced control over their security. Shopping centers, public buildings, and any other location where you need to divide access at different times can benefit from our secure folding gates.

When locking down your entire building is impractical, a security gate is the way to go.

Our folding security closures are perfect for shopping centers. If your building hosts a variety of businesses that each close at individual times, our gates are the perfect choice to give businesses the flexibility they are looking for while still maintaining the highest security standards.

These gates are also the perfect choice for any location that needs to strategically close down access.

Closing down a building that is open to the public is always a challenge. Floor by floor security sweeps are effective, but even the best plans and most experienced teams can be compromised. Having a network of folding gates close behind your team means that no one will be able to compromise your safety.

These gates not only keep your property safe, but also your customers. These gates help restrict access to areas that are hazardous for the general public. Museums and schools with sections under repair or otherwise not ready for general access are a great example of yet another place where our gates shine.

If you are ready to take your security to the next level, reach out to us today. Our folding security gates will give you the strategic flexibility you’ve been looking for.

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