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How to Prevent Shoplifting When Stores are Closed

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Canadian retailers lose over $3 billion annually to retail theft, and in some provinces, theft is soaring. Winnipeg’s store thefts are up 77%. It’s up to store owners to deter criminals from entering stores that are closed.

“Smash and grab” robberies are common because it takes time for the police or security to arrive at the scene of the robbery.

With the right security approach, you can help prevent shoplifting when your store is closed.

Folding Closures for Maximum Security

Physical and visual security measures can prevent a theft from occurring. The right type of security gates can mean the difference between a thief that targets your business and a thief that is deterred because of the obvious security measures you take to protect your business.

Folding closures go over windows and entryways to make a “smash and grab” less successful.

Custom made, these folding closures can block off entry into a store in the mall, or they can be used to cover windows and doors for any building. The key advantages to creating a physical barrier are:

  • Deterrence. Thieves know that alarms and other security measures are in place to contact police and security. If there’s a physical barrier in the way, there’s little chance of breaking a window, overcoming the barrier and escaping the store before security arrives.

  • Partitioning. Accordion security grilles are a great option when a shared space has one area closed. These security grilles will pull from one wall to another, creating an impassable security grille.

  • Penetration. Doors can have their locks picked, security systems can be disabled, but it takes a lot of time to circumvent a security gate. Common tools that thieves carry on them during a burglary cannot be used to break through a security gate. Crowbars, bars, rocks and other items common in retail theft are not effective on our gates. Thieves recognize the difficulties security gates cause and will target another retailer instead.

Numerous security gates can be used, including rolling doors that are ideal in malls. Scissor gates may also be an option. The scissor gates that we offer came in varying sizes and colors, and are backed by a 15-year warranty.

Heights for folding gates start at 24” and go up to 96,” allowing for maximum window and entry coverage. Multiple gates can be used for larger widths, but single gate widths can be as large as 130.”

Shoplifting prevention will strengthen your company’s revenue, but your security measures also need to be deployed and removed rapidly. You need to use gates that can be rolled away (many of ours are on wheels), or that can be rolled up quickly.

If security gates are too difficult to put in place, businesses won’t use them, or employees may not put the gates back in place.

The security gates that we offer keep criminals at bay

while never inconveniencing your customers or staff.

If you need to restrict access inside of the property, for example, during stocking or remodeling, many of these same gates can be used to block off an area. Retail businesses should be taking proactive measures to deter theft before they’re a target of a crime.

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