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Business Crowd Control with Scissor Gates

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In the business world, crowd control is important, whether it’s for health and safety or to guide customers on their path. Along with conventional crowd control measures, businesses can use scissor gates to control access and number of visitors.

Limit the Number of Guests

There may be situations where businesses want or need to limit the number of guests in their stores or offices. Typically, this is done for health and safety reasons, like what we’ve seen with the COVID-19 response.

Scissor gates can serve as an additional layer of protection and deterrence by preventing overcrowding. Open the gates and allow your desired number of guests inside. Close the gates to keep the rest of the crowd outside.

When used properly, scissor gates can help you maintain an even flow of guests and prevent the overcrowding of spaces. They can be particularly useful in malls where entrances to stores are normally unobstructed and it’s more difficult to limit guests.

Block Access to Certain Areas

Just as scissor gates can be used to block entrance to your business, they can also be used to block access to certain areas.

Perhaps you want to block off certain aisles in your store for safety reasons, or maybe you want to block access to restricted employee areas. Scissor gates can help you achieve both goals without undergoing extensive and costly renovations.

To Maintain Distance

In situations where social distancing must be maintained, scissor gates can be used to keep customers or visitors apart.

Barricades can be used to ensure guests remain a certain distance apart or away from employees. They can also be used to block access to self-service items and kiosks that you may not want in operation.

Benefits of Installing Scissor Gates in a Business

Along with crowd control, scissor gates offer other benefits to businesses, including:

Added Security

The most obvious benefit of scissor gates is added security against theft, vandalism and other security threats.

The size and strength of these gates makes them excellent for protection when buildings are not in use. Locking your business doors will only offer a thin layer of protection. Doors and windows are easily broken. If you have scissor gates installed, thieves will not only have to contend with your doors and locks, but an extra layer of security. The extra time and risk of having to get through a scissor gate will make your business a less attractive target to thieves.

Multiple Styles and Designs

Scissor gates come in a variety of colors and designs, allowing you to match your gate with your brand. Black is the conventional choice because of its professional and intimidating appearance, but businesses can choose from a wide variety of colors or even a simple metal appearance.

Properly Control Unauthorized Access

Scissor gates can control access to certain areas of your business or the premises. In warehouses and factories, these gates can be particularly useful for preventing employees and visitors from wandering into restricted areas.

Business crowd control is important, and scissor gates are just one way to restrict access or limit the number of guests in your business. They add an extra layer of security while giving you more control over where guests wander.

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